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The above picture shows a pivot that is in good shape. In order for the shafts to turn properly, the hole must be round. If it is worn, like the picture below, this causes the gears to stop running. The main concern of clock owners is whether we would be able to get the clocks running after servicing. There is no guarantee the clock will run with just a servicing. It depends on the condition of the movement. The servicing is always the first step in clock maintenance as it is hard to tell what the condition the movement is in until the old oil is cleaned out and new oil is applied. Clock movements needs to be serviced every 2 1/2 to 4 years. There is no guarantee that a clock will run due to years of neglect but, we try our best to get them running. Movements made of brass, which is a softer metal usually lasts 25-35 years. But, with proper cleaning it may last a few years longer.

"A worn out bushing"








This is an example of a worn bushing. If you look at the hole in the center close you will see the bottom right hand corner is the original hole or bushing and the upper left corner is were the tip of the gear has worn the hole into an oblong shape.

When this problem occurs, your clock will not run properly. Not all of the bushings wear out in a clock, but it only takes one to stop the clock from operating properly. Depending on what clock you have will depend on how many pivot holes your clock has. Some clocks could have as few as six pivot holes, however some might have as many as 20 or more.







Adjusting The Speed Of Your Time



You Can adjust the speed of your clock by lowering or raising your pendulum disk. If your clock is running too fast, turn the nut at the very bottom of the disk towards the left. This will lower the disk closer to the ground, which will slow the time down.


If your clock is running too slow, turn the nut at the very bottom of the disk towards the right. This will raise the disk, which will speed the time up.

An E-Gift Certificate for Clock Services makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays or just because. Give someone a gift for service and repair of their clock.
In the "Special Instructions to the seller" option, please provide recepients name, address, email address and phone number. Once e-certificates are purchased, we will e-mail them their gift certificates.

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