By coming to your home with our mobile shop, we can save you money and time.

Tick Tock, Time To Service Your Clocks

We know your time is valuable, that's why we come to you.

We service hundreds of grandfather clocks per year at our customers homes.

We service every make and model of Grandfather clocks.



We will service your grandfather clock carefully and professionally by cleaning, re-oil and calibrating the clock outside of your home. When we work inside your home, we always protect your floors and furniture by using a large blanket.

We will explain in detail the procedures we are about to perform.

We will then disassemble the clock to remove the movement which is the main part of the workings of your clock, much like the engine in your car.  After the movement is removed we will perform the following tasks:


  • Re-oil your clocks movement with a high quality synthetic clock oil, which is made to prolong the life of your movement.

  •  Clean and polish the inside and outside of the Grandfather clock case.

  •  While we are servicing the movement, we will go over any concerns about the movement with the owner.

  • Once we re-installed the movement, we will calibrate the movement

  • check all funtions of the Grandfather clock both with the latest electronic equipment as well as physically watching the Grandfather clock during their clean up time.

  • Adjust the striking hammers for a crisp sharp sound.

  •  Re-level the clocks case.

  • Clean up and remove any and all of their equipment.

  • Address any of the clock owners questions and or concerns

  • Go over the function of the grandfather clock and instruct the clock owner on adjustments and care of their  Grandfather clock.


We encourage you to pull up a chair along side of us and watch.

We are happy to show and explain to you, step by step the procedures that go into our services.

An E-Gift Certificate for Clock Services makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays or just because. Give someone a gift for service and repair of their clock.
In the "Special Instructions to the seller" option, please provide recepients name, address, email address and phone number. Once e-certificates are purchased, we will e-mail them their gift certificates.

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